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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove PAGE_SIZE from headers_install
    On 7/14/07, Olaf Hering <> wrote:
    > Declare PAGE_SIZE as getpagesize() for userspace.
    > PAGE_SIZE is used in resource.h and shm.h
    > define PAGE_SIZE in asm-generic/page.h
    > guard get_order() with _ARCH_HAS_GET_ORDER for ia64 and xtensa
    > include asm-generic/page.h in asm/page.h
    > make asm/page.h nearly empty by moving the #ifdef guards up
    > remove unneeded page.h export from frv

    imo, asm/page.h should just go away for userspace. the attached patch
    is what i've been using in Gentoo ... but somethings (like an arch or
    two in glibc) still assume asm/page.h is OK. in general though,
    considering asm/page.h has become so unreliable lately (a large number
    of arches ifdef the whole thing out), most packages out there have
    updated already to use the userspace interface from unistd.h.
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