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SubjectGeode GX framebuffer driver: Arcom vs. AMD
Is there any reason why the GPL framebuffer driver for the GX/GX1/LX
directly from AMD is not integrated into the kernel and only a custom
driver for only the GX/GX1 written by Arcom exists?

If you have an LX, the Arcom driver won't work and it is difficult to
use AMD's patch for 2.6.11 with a more recent kernel because the
drivers/video/geode directory has filename conflicts with files in the

If there are no issues preventing its inclusion, would updated patches
be accepted to switch to AMD's framebuffer driver? The AMD patches
would need to be combined to support all three platforms in the driver
dir, all sitting on top of the Cimarron HAL installed in lib/cimarron.

The entire AMD LX patch for 2.6.11 is here:

The relevant parts are:

Thanks, -Andrew
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