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SubjectRe: Documentation of kernel messages (Summary)
On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 13:35 -0400, Rob Landley wrote:
> On Thursday 12 July 2007 9:53:54 am Li Yang-r58472 wrote:
> > > Fielding patches and questions sounds like plenty to me...)
> >
> > I do think the documentation translation is very necessary even when
> > there is a language maintainer, especially for the policy documents as
> > HOWTO, codestyle , and etc. The contributors should go through these
> > policies and check their code for compliance before going to the
> > language maintainer for help, or there will be too much for the language
> > maintainer to translate. The language maintainer doesn't need to
> > translate all the documents himself, but he can help to coordinate the
> > translation effort and help to make it update to date.
> It would help if all the policy documents got grouped into a single
> Documentation/development directory so we could separate "policy documents in
> each language would be nice" from "that document about the amiga zorro bus
> really needs to be kept up-to-date in Navajo and that should be in the kernel
> tarball please".
> Lemme see, which ones are we talking about? The candidates are:
> applying-patches.txt
> Changes
> CodingStyle
> debugging-modules.txt
> feature-removal-schedule.txt
> kernel-docs.txt
> language-maintainers.txt
> ManagementStyle
> oops-tracing.txt
> SecurityBugs
> sparse.txt
> stable_api_nonsense.txt
> stable_kernel_rules.txt
> SubmitChecklist
> SubmittingDrivers
> SubmittingPatches
> volatile-considered-harmful.txt
> That's everything I noticed in the top level directory that's a good candidate
> to be grouped into a "development" subdirectory. Did I miss anything?
> I note that Changes is a bit stale in places (16 bit assembly?),
> feature-removal-schedule.txt changes often but is good to know,
> kernel-docs.txt might be useless to translate considering it's mostly links
> to english documentation, language-maintainers.txt is assuming my patch from
> earlier today gets accepted...
> I can submit a patch grouping all that stuff together into a subdirectory if
> it would help...
> > If we do need a contact person, I can do it. However I don't think
> > there will be much translation work to do here. As I stated before,
> > most Chinese programmers are more or less capable of read/write
> > technical English. The difficult part is to let them know the benefit
> > of merging code in kernel and teach them how to do it. That's why the
> > policy documents in native language will be very useful.
> Does the above look like a good list? There are more that need to be written,
> but that's what I saw in Documentation...

Yes, I do think this is a good list for translation.

Do you have anything to add?

- Leo

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