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    SubjectRe: SATA exceptions

    > >> Your SMART log shows 309 reallocated sectors. That seems somewhat high..
    > >
    > > Ah sorry to misinterpret the content:), its a quiet new piece of hardware (at
    > > most ~1.5 month old) and "Reallocated_Event_Count" constantly increases
    > > (currently its increased to 313) and although i'm not 100 percent sure these
    > > errors only occured with kernels > 2.6.18 (or 2.6.18 didn't report these
    > > cause according to kern.log these only visible with 2.6.22+)
    > OS and driver can't really do much about the reallocation event. Some
    > number of reallocations is okay but if you it going up constantly, you
    > probably have a dying disk.

    Hmm... cut the power while writing is doable from OS and might force

    You might want to check if number of reallocated sectors increases
    with shutdowns/reboots.
    (cesky, pictures)
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