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    SubjectRe: lguest, Re: -mm merge plans for 2.6.23
    From: Rusty Russell <>
    Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 13:15:18 +1000

    > Sure, the process has /dev/lguest open, so I can do something in the
    > close routine. Instead of keeping a reference to the tsk, I can keep a
    > reference to the struct lguest (currently it doesn't have or need a
    > refcnt). Then I need another lock, to protect lg->tsk.
    > This seems like a lot of dancing to avoid one export. If it's that
    > important I'd far rather drop the code and do a normal wakeup under the
    > big lguest lock for 2.6.23.

    I'm not against the export, so use if it really helps.

    Ref-counting just seems clumsy to me given how the hw assisted
    virtualization stuff works on platforms I am intimately familiar with
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