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    SubjectRe: acpi regression on some laptops
    On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 15:17:25 -0400
    Chuck Ebbert <> wrote:

    > > I'm trying to debug it.. any help/pointers are appreciated. I dont't
    > > have a deep knowledge of the subsystems involved.
    > What options did you try?
    > nohpet
    > nohz=off
    > highres=off
    > Should be tried in various combinations.


    I tried all the permutations of the above with the same result:
    the kernel hangs at NET: Registering protocol family 2.

    With nolapic it hangs at APIC: Using PIC for interrupt routing

    With acpi=off it boots but, obviously, everything acpi related
    does not work.

    anything else I can try? The laptop does not have a serial port,
    so I can't capture the dmesg output.


    Best regards,

    Alessandro Zummo,
    Tower Technologies - Torino, Italy

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