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    SubjectRe: lguest, Re: -mm merge plans for 2.6.23
    On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 14:23:24 +0200
    Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:

    > > lguest-export-symbols-for-lguest-as-a-module.patch
    > __put_task_struct is one of those no way in hell should this be exported
    > things because we don't want modules messing with task lifetimes.
    > Fortunately I can't find anything actually using this in lguest, so
    > it looks the issue has been solved in the meantime.

    Ther are a couple of calls to put_task_struct() in there, and that needs
    __put_task_struct() exported.

    > I also have a rather bad feeling about exporting access_process_vm.
    > This is the proverbial sledge hammer for access to user vm addresses
    > and I'd rather keep it away from module programmers with "if all
    > you have is a hammer ..." in mind.

    hm, well, access_process_vm() is a convenience wrapper around
    get_user_pages(), whcih is exported.

    > In lguest this is used by send_dma which from my short reading of the
    > code seems to be the central IPC mechanism. The double copy here
    > doesn't look very efficient to me either. Maybe some VM folks could
    > look into a better way to archive this that might be both more
    > efficient and not require the export.
    > > lguest-the-guest-code.patch
    > > lguest-the-host-code.patch
    > > lguest-the-host-code-lguest-vs-clockevents-fix-resume-logic.patch
    > > lguest-the-asm-offsets.patch
    > > lguest-the-makefile-and-kconfig.patch
    > > lguest-the-console-driver.patch
    > > lguest-the-net-driver.patch
    > > lguest-the-block-driver.patch
    > > lguest-the-documentation-example-launcher.patch
    > Just started to reading this (again) so no useful comment here, but it
    > would be nice if the code could follow CodingStyle and place the || and
    > && at the end of the line in multiline conditionals instead of at the
    > beginning of the new one.
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