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SubjectRe: Gmail and flowed text (was Re: Correction to LZO1X)

On 7/11/07, Gerb Stralko <> wrote:
> > 2) If you have a box available at home (or elsewhere), use that to
> > relay mail through.
> >
> read linux mail from you gmail account. When you need to send a patch,
> send it from a linux box using pine, but change the From to your gmail
> account. Like Jesper suggested works great! Best of both worlds.

Just changing the "From:" in pine (configured for my other account)
wouldn't solve the problem. I'd have to first forward the original mail
to my other account and/or copy it manually, which I'd like to avoid ...

> This link will help:
> Scroll down untill you see a yellow box section that say:
> Gmail Tips
> * If you want to use the Gmail SMTP server for your outgoing
> messages, I recommend that you create a Pine Role that includes these

Ok, I read through the relevant bits of that page, thanks. My box
here doesn't resolve / and there
could be firewalling issues on top of that, so I'm not too hopeful ...
but I'll give it a try definitely.

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