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    Subjectlguest, Re: -mm merge plans for 2.6.23
    > lguest-export-symbols-for-lguest-as-a-module.patch

    __put_task_struct is one of those no way in hell should this be exported
    things because we don't want modules messing with task lifetimes.

    Fortunately I can't find anything actually using this in lguest, so
    it looks the issue has been solved in the meantime.

    I also have a rather bad feeling about exporting access_process_vm.
    This is the proverbial sledge hammer for access to user vm addresses
    and I'd rather keep it away from module programmers with "if all
    you have is a hammer ..." in mind.

    In lguest this is used by send_dma which from my short reading of the
    code seems to be the central IPC mechanism. The double copy here
    doesn't look very efficient to me either. Maybe some VM folks could
    look into a better way to archive this that might be both more
    efficient and not require the export.

    > lguest-the-guest-code.patch
    > lguest-the-host-code.patch
    > lguest-the-host-code-lguest-vs-clockevents-fix-resume-logic.patch
    > lguest-the-asm-offsets.patch
    > lguest-the-makefile-and-kconfig.patch
    > lguest-the-console-driver.patch
    > lguest-the-net-driver.patch
    > lguest-the-block-driver.patch
    > lguest-the-documentation-example-launcher.patch

    Just started to reading this (again) so no useful comment here, but it
    would be nice if the code could follow CodingStyle and place the || and
    && at the end of the line in multiline conditionals instead of at the
    beginning of the new one.
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