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SubjectRe: [x86 setup 13/33] Header file to produce 16-bit code with gcc
>>>> gcc for i386 can be used with the assembly prefix ".code16gcc" to
>>>> generate
>>>> 16-bit (real-mode) code. This header file provides the assembly
>>>> prefix.
>>> This only works correctly with newer GCCs if you pass the
>>> -fno-toplevel-reorder option (and it only works on older
>>> GCC versions by accident).
>> And on older ones (gcc-3.3-hammer / 3.4 / 4.0 ) -fno-unit-at-a-time
>> Still it seems quite fragile to me agreed.
> The alternative, of course, is to compile to an .s file and insert
> .code16gcc into the .s file. This makes the Makefile uglier, but
> would
> be more resilient against oddball gcc changes.

This would be even more fragile. The exact format of GCC's
assembler code output isn't defined at all, so in principle
this is a hopeless task. In practice just putting the
.code16gcc directive on the first line would likely work
though, GCC never generates a .code32 AFAIK, but it isn't
guaranteed that this will work (or will keep working).

> I'm a bit surprised about the claim w.r.t. -fno-unit-at-a-time
> (although
> I guess that is the default and one would thus typically not see
> this.)

-fno-unit-at-a-time is the default on three year old compilers,
yes. Newer compilers have unit-at-a-time enabled by default.

> Got any pointers why that would cause a global asm() to be scrambled
> around?

An asm() outside of a function is a top-level thing, just
like functions and file-scope variable definitions, and with
unit-at-a-time compilation all such blocks can be reordered
(or even omitted, or inlined, or whatever). Note that even
before unit-at-a-time was introduced there was no guarantee
of emitting everything in the order it appears in the source


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