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    SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] [PATCH] PXA27x UDC driver.
    Rodolfo Giometti wrote:
    > That's what I wish to do... I wish cleaning up as much possible my
    > pxa27x version af the driver so we can have something common where we
    > can work on.
    > Sorry for the delay but in these next days I'll read back all your
    > suggestions and I'll provide a new patch ASAP.
    > However I would like avoiding to remove what I did on
    > usb_ep_autoconfig() since I got functional g_ether device with RNDIS
    > support... there could be another way to resolve this problem?
    > Thanks a lot,
    > Rodolfo

    I am eager to see an "official" USB driver. I have used a patch I found
    on the web that was attributed to you for 2.6.20 in our recent project.
    It patched cleanly and has worked fairly well. I am busy with other
    projects right now but might be able to squeeze some time to test on our

    We have a custom PXA 270 board and we are moving to the PXA 320. I was
    very concerned that we have no 270 driver in mainline and no hope of a
    320 driver.

    InHand Electronics, Inc.
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