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    SubjectRE: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3

    > But; if the Linux kernel should Dual-Licensed (GPL V2 and GPL V3), it
    > will allow us the both worlds' fruits like code exchanging from other
    > Open Source Projects (OpenSolaris etc.) that is compatible with GPL V3
    > and not with GPL V2 and of course the opposite is applicable,too.

    That is a misleading claim. While being dual-licensed would make it either
    for other projects to adopt Linux code, it would have three downsides:

    1) If Linux code were adopted into other projects that were not
    dual-licensed, changes could not be imported back into Linux unless the
    changes were dual-licensed which is not likely when the contributions are
    made to a project that's not dual-licensed.

    2) Linux could no longer take code from other projects that are GPL v2
    licensed unless it could obtain them under a dual license.

    And, last and probably most serious:

    3) Linux derivatives could be available with just a GPL v3 license and no
    GPL v2. license if the derivers wanted things that way.


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