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    SubjectRe: libata and legacy ide pcmcia failure
    Robert de Rooy wrote:
    > Mark Lord wrote:
    >> I still don't see much evidence that interrupts are actually
    >> functioning here.
    >> It would be good to see /proc/interrupts before/after libata tries to
    >> talk to it.
    >> Let's assume for the moment that interrupts are b0rken.
    >> The legacy IDE driver can talk to such devices completely without
    >> interrupts,
    >> if the IDE polling patch (below) is applied.
    >> So, Robert: could you try again with the old IDE driver,
    >> except apply this patch to it first? This will give valuable info.
    > I tried the patch, but a get a kernel panic on boot with it. I can try
    > to get a screenshot of it tomorrow.

    Oh crap. I did test it a couple of months ago, but my boot/root drive
    is libata not IDE -- so no panic on boot with it. After booting, it worked
    just fine talking to PC-CARD CF devices using the polling.

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