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    SubjectRe: JIT emulator needs
    Albert Cahalan a écrit :
    > Right now, Linux isn't all that friendly to JIT emulators.
    > Here are the problems and suggestions to improve the situation.
    > There is an SE Linux execmem restriction that enforces W^X.
    > Assuming you don't wish to just disable SE Linux, there are
    > two ugly ways around the problem. You can mmap a file twice,
    > or you can abuse SysV shared memory. The mmap method requires
    > that you know of a filesystem mounted rw,exec where you can
    > write a very large temporary file. This arbitrary filesystem,
    > rather than swap space, will be the backing store. The SysV
    > shared memory method requires an undocumented flag and is
    > subject to some annoying size limits. Both methods create
    > objects that will fail to be deleted if the program dies
    > before marking the objects for deletion.
    > Processors often have annoying limits on the immediate values
    > in instructions. An x86 or x86_64 JIT can go a bit faster if
    > all allocations are kept to the low 2 GB of address space.
    > There are also reasons for a 32bit-to-x86_64 JIT to chose
    > a nearly arbitrary 2 GB region that lies above 4 GB.
    > Other archs have other limits, such as 32 MB or 256 MB.
    > Sometimes it is very helpful to have the read/write mapping
    > be a fixed offset from the read/exec mapping. A power of 2
    > can be especially desirable.
    > Emulators often need a cheap way to change page permissions.
    > One VMA per page is no good. Besides taking up space and making
    > many things generally slower, having one VMA per page causes
    > a huge performance loss for snapshot roll-back operations.
    > Just tearing down all those VMAs takes a good while.
    > Additions to better support JIT emulators:
    > a. sysctl to set IPC_RMID by default

    Not very good, this will break some apps.

    > b. shmget() flag to set IPC_RMID by default

    This is better :)

    > c. open() flag to unlink a file before returning the fd

    Well, I assume you would like fd = open("/path/somefile", O_RDWR | O_CREAT |
    O_UNLINK, 0644)

    (ie allocate a file handle but no name ?)

    Quite difficult to implement this atomically with current vfs, maybe a new
    syscall would be better. (Linus will kill me for that :) )

    (We dont need to insert "somefile" in one directory, then unlink it, we only
    need to allocate an unnamed inode to get some backing store)

    This is a generalization of anonymous inodes ( fs/anon_inodes.c )

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