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    SubjectRe: [-mm patch] kernel/sched{,_fair}.c: make code static

    * Andrew Morton <> wrote:

    > > Signed-off-by: Adrian Bunk <>
    > >
    > > ---
    > >
    > > BTW: Please don't #include C files in sched.c
    > Yeah.

    In this case it's not that bad. It makes the source quite a bit cleaner
    and avoids having to create artificial interfaces, global functions,
    etc. between the .o's.

    > > -long div64_s(s64 divident, unsigned long divisor)
    > > +static long div64_s(s64 divident, unsigned long divisor)
    > "divident" does appear to be a word, but I suspect "dividend" was
    > intended.

    yeah indeed - fixed.

    > Why is this function lurking in the CPU scheduler rather than in
    > lib/somewhere.c?
    > Doesn't an unsigned divide give the same result as a signed one?

    no! 0xfffffff0 / 2 is 0x7fffffff when the division is unsigned, and
    7ffffff8 (== -8) when signed. On x86 the silicon only offers us unsigned
    64-bit division, so we first have to make '+16' out of -16, then divide
    by 2, and turn the +4 into -4. (On x86_64 there's no such problem,
    there's an idiv and a div 64-bit instruction as well, and gcc picks the
    right one depending on the type of the variable.)

    i think Roman has recently done a nice cleanup patch that introduces
    this? I'll change CFS to use that interface once it's upstream.

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