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SubjectRe: [PATCH] update to version 0.03
> This version brings a host of changes to cure false positives and
> bugs detected on patches submitted to lkml and -mm. It also brings
> a number of new tests in response to reviews, of particular note:
> - catch use of volatile
> - allow deprecated functions to be listed in feature-removal-schedule.txt
> - warn about #ifdef's in c files

I think the design philosophy of the style checker should be to err on the side of being
quiet. It shouldn't report things that aren't problems. There are plenty of valid uses
of #ifdefs in c files. #ifdefs may be abused often. If we start bothering every author
that uses #ifdefs with an annoying note it detracts from the usefulness of our tool.

If we really want to complain about #ifdefs we should add a flag to the script so it isn't
a default. -potential or something. We could put all the "this often is an error" type
warnings under it.

The rest of the patch looks fine.

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