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    SubjectRe: BUG: usbtouchscreen.c DMC TSC-10 wrong descriptor type / type->init() failed.
    > After the reset, I got a 0x06 0x00 back, which is fine.
    > But when the driver sets the coordinate output rate, the
    > TSC-103 answered 0x15 0x01 which means that the TSC-10 is used
    > with an EEPROM but the EEPROM data is empty (which is
    > correct).
    > In that case the driver should at least continue to allow
    > initialization of the EEPROM later on.

    No, I don't think so. Not in it's current form.

    Currently, usbtouchscreen doesn't have any means to initialize an
    EEPROM. And in the absence of such a possibility, you need other
    means to accomplish your task. The current behavior provides you
    with this "plan b":

    If you set the rate and that doesn't work because no EEPROM is
    there, the driver fails. While doing it, it will release the

    This brings in the opportunity to access the touchscreen
    controller from userspace, e.g. with libusb, and write the
    EEPROM. After this, reboot, and be happy. Because now the device
    would act correctly on the "set rate" command and would be
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