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SubjectRe: USB card reader and HAL
On 6/28/07, DervishD <> wrote:
> I have a new card reader (internal) but I've tested with my old one
> too: the same happens. I have a do-it-yourself linux box, self compiled
> kernel (by now).
> When I insert a card in the reader, it is not detected, no udev
> event is generated and I have to do things like "hdparm -z /dev/sda" to
> "probe" the card. Moreover, I have to do the same when removing the card
> or the /dev/sdaX nodes are not deleted.
> Is HAL the only way of making it work? Is there any CONFIG_ thing
> I've forgotten in my kernel?
> I've tested with Ubuntu and it works perfectly, and that's why I
> think this may be HAL related (I don't have HAL installed, Ubuntu has).

You have to open() the device node to trigger events from the kernel,
the kernel itself will not do that for you. HAL polls the device every
few seconds.

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