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SubjectRe: Please release a stable kernel Linux 3.0
Alan Cox wrote:


>> A cleaned-up, consistent, and out-of-tree friendly way of handling API
>> changes might help us all.
> The problem is that its very impractical. If I change a kernel API I fix
> up the in tree users and test those I can, that's "accepted practice" -
> you make mess doing a job you clean it up. I can't do that for out of
> tree code because its out of tree.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. _And_ for taking the time to look at
the code.

I guess my half-assed notion is to have a single file w/"#ifdef-able"
entries that flag API changes. It at least would give me/us a single
point of reference, and avoid the rather ugly version checking. "LDDx"
is fine, and has saved my ass more times than I can count, but a
single peg on which to hang my out-of-tree hat would seem useful.

Thanks again,
William D Waddington
Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
"Even bugs...are unexpected signposts on
the long road of creativity..." - Ken Burtch
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