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SubjectRe: man-pages-2.59 and man-pages-2.60 are released
Michael Kerrisk wrote:
> How about a link in /pub/linux/docs/manpages/ of the form
> "LATEST-IS-m.xy"? Rob Landley was wanting something like this,
> and I guess it would be easy for LFS to build a simple
> script that looks for that link and deduces "man-pages-m.xy"
> from it. (I've just now created such a link in the directory,
> as an example.)

We don't care about the latest version, so the link neither helps nor hurts
us. What's needed is that the URL and the MD5 sum for a version in the book
don't change, and that LFS developers have a reasonable time (say, two
weeks) to react to version updates. We don't want every other SVN commit to
the book source to be a version update of man-pages :)

E.g., currently, the book at

Man-pages (2.56) - 1,764 KB:
MD5 sum: 4144874a924b0a8d1f67e19f70d13f08

The script parses this information out of the XML source of the book,
downloads the package and installs it according to the instructions found
elsewhere in the book.

The script (jhalfs) and the book can be downloaded from svn:

svn co svn:// jhalfs
svn co svn:// lfs

Alexander E. Patrakov
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