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SubjectRe: Userspace compiler support of "long long"
On Jun 28, 2007, at 06:26:06, Harald Arnesen wrote:
> Adrian Bunk <> writes:
>> Is there any userspace Linux compiler that does not support "long
>> long"? If yes, is there any other way to tell that something is a
>> 64bit int on 32bit architectures?
> TenDRA C:
> "test.c", line 6: Error:
> [ISO 6.5.2]: Illegal type specifier, 'long long', assuming 'long'.

I can't even find the docs for their "tcc". Their "tchk" appears to
have a "#pragma longlong type allow" or something, so I'd imagine the
same exists for tcc and would be required to build stuff using kernel
headers. On the other hand, their compiler looks so immature that it
does not appear to be worth spending much time worrying about now.
When somebody shows up with a solution for that compiler then we can
look at it at that time.

Kyle Moffett

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