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    SubjectRe: Please release a stable kernel Linux 3.0
    On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 11:18:36AM +0200, Zolt?n HUBERT wrote:
    > I'm a system engineer, and a "stable" system is one where
    > the interfaces are stable. Individual components can
    > change, and do change, but if you change fundamental
    > interfaces it is not the same system. Of course I
    > understand that "sometimes" fundamental things have to
    > change, but here "sometimes" is the keyword. If its
    > "anytime" it simply is no stable system. And yes, designing
    > and maintaining interfaces is a very difficult job.

    What makes you think that module interfaces _exist_? Over the years
    we'd got a pile of exports. Maybe 5-10% of it could form several
    more or less sane interfaces. And that's being very optimistic.
    But try to get those interfaces and guess who'll scream bloody
    murder? That's right, the 3rd-party module developers. The same
    people who presumably want stability. Because all that dreck had
    been exported on someone's requests.

    > I don't remember how it was during 2.4 and before, but I
    > find it very suspicious that SuSE and RedHat only provide
    > 2.6.10 and 2.6.9 for their OS. It looks as if THEY didn't
    > trust 2.6.x to be a replacement to 2.6.y

    Eh? Funny, but in the next xterm I've got an ssh session to RHEL-5
    box. 2.6.18+many backported patches... FC is simply following
    mainline, but that's a separate story...

    > And as I understand it, this is (was ?) the whole point of
    > stable/development kernels. "We" can trust a newer stable
    > kernel to be a drop-in replacement for an older stable
    > kernel (from the same series), while development kernels
    > need time to stabilise with the new whizz-bang-pfouit stuff
    > that you all so nicely add.

    "Drop-in" in which sense? That out-of-tree modules keep working?
    Not really...
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