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    SubjectRe: BUG: usbtouchscreen.c DMC TSC-10 wrong descriptor type / type->init() failed.
    Hello, Dimitry!

    Dmitry Torokhov schrieb:
    > On 6/27/07, Clemens Koller <> wrote:
    >> drivers/usb/input/usbtouchscreen.c: usbtouch_probe - type->init()
    >> failed, err: -19
    > dmc_tsc10_init() returns -ENODEV (-19) when device responds with
    > something other than 0x06 0x00 to the "reset" and "set rate" commands.
    > It would be interesting to see what your touchscreen responses are.

    Yes, thank you!
    I just had a look into the datasheet.
    (tsc10usb_pi_e.pdf, Rev. 1.2 from November 1, 2005)
    and I will need more debugging info to the dmc_tsc10_init()...

    As I wrote, I am using the TSC-103 without EEPROM.
    (I can add one if it's of any use.)
    The PanelID is 0 (pin 3 [SEL1] is low), so it's the "first"
    device on the bus.

    What exact chip version and EEPROM configuration do you use?
    I guess there are different firmware releases for the different
    TSC-10* devices which behave... well... different. :-(

    Clemens Koller
    R&D Imaging Devices
    Anagramm GmbH
    Rupert-Mayer-Straße 45/1
    Linhof Werksgelände
    D-81379 München
    Fax 089-741518-19
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