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    SubjectRe: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3
    On Tue, 26 Jun 2007, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

    > On Jun 26, 2007, wrote:
    >> unless you are saying that the GPLv3 is saying that a third party link
    >> now _is_ sufficiant.
    > Yup. The improvement in GPLv3 is to relax the requirement of
    > providing source code in physical medium if you choose to not
    > distribute it along with the binaries. It's recognizing that internet
    > access is no longer a barrier that could stop someone from obtaining
    > the sources they're entitled to. Even someone who doesn't have
    > regular or fast internet access can hire a third party who does to
    > perform the download and record it.
    > I.e., with GPLv3, you *can* point at the sources you used, even in a
    > site that you don't control.
    > However, if the site takes the sources out, you're still responsible
    > for providing sources to those who received the sources from you from
    > that point on. Or something like that, IANAL ;-)

    this sounds like a step backwards, you may not have the sources at that
    point if you were relying on the other site to host them.

    and by the way, internet access never was a barrier that could stop
    someone from obtaining them, the only issue was you hosting the source vs
    someone else hosting the source.

    David Lang
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