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SubjectRe: Add INPUT support to toshiba_acpi
Richard Hughes wrote:
> Attached patch adds a kernel thread to do polling on Toshiba hardware.

Is there something similar available to support other Toshiba laptops? I own a
A110-178 that is not supported by the driver but has a lot of keys that I
can't use currently:

-screen zoom (I actually don't care about this one)

-Video player

*Mute: it's a bit special. If I use it I can an on screen display (mute/sound)
but regardless of which setting is displayed the sound is still there.

None of the above keys generated a key event. Neither does "Brightness down",
but it still works. "Brightness up" generates an event and works. Kpowersave
tells me it can't do brightness switching in software (which works in

If you need an acpidump or I can do some testing just ask.

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