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    SubjectRe: Scaling Max IP address limitation
    > <Unrelated wishful thinking>
    > I keep having hopeful dreams that one day netfilter will grow support
    > for cross-protocol NAT (IE: NAT a TCPv4 connection over TCPv6 to the
    > IPv6-only local web server, or vice versa). It would seem that would
    > require a merged "xtables" program.

    You don't actually need it (at least for easy cases like that),
    because IPv6 defines IPv4 mapped IPv6 addresses of the form
    ::ffff:a.b.c.d. These will generate IPv4 packets for a.b.c.d, from
    a v6 socket.
    Unless you're using v6only binding (a sysctl option), you can
    connect to v6-only servers using a v4 network and a v4 address of the
    server. The peer address on those connections will show up as a v4
    mapped address, and all the traffic will be v4, but the socket layer
    is all v6.


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