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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 5/5 v2] Convert tasklets to work queues

    On Sat, 23 Jun 2007, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > Anyway. Please fix the many correct warnings which
    > generates

    Actually, please don't.

    Especially for code movement, *just* do the movement. Screw any crap - the code is better off not changing, because that way
    a big patch can not only be proven to not change anything at all, but
    software archeology tools can trivially find the true history of the code
    over code movement.

    For example, "git blame -C" already finds copies and can annotate the
    history of a line of code past a pure code movement. But if you move *and*
    change things at the same time, it gets a lot harder to show where the
    code came from and that the movement itself caused no regressions.

    So do cleanups _separately_ from movement.

    (Yeah, yeah, "git blame -C -w" will generally work across whitespace
    changes too, but only whitespace _within_ a line. If you do things like
    split long lines etc, you immediately have a lot harder time to follow
    these thigns. Not impossible, but the point is that you're not *fixing*
    anything, you're just making things *worse* by doing changes and code
    movement at the same time).

    Quite frankly, I personally am considering removing "". That
    thing is just a nazi dream. That hard-coded 80-character limit etc is just
    bad taste.

    Dammit, code cleanliness is not about "automated and mindless slavish
    following of rules". A process that is too inflexible is a *bad* process.
    I'd much rather have a few 80+ character lines than stupid and unreadable
    line wrapping just because the line hit 87 characters in length.

    I don't have 25 lines on a screen either.

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