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SubjectRe: [RFC] clocksouce implementation for powerpc
On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 07:57:19AM -0700, Daniel Walker wrote:

Hi Daniel.

> As I said in our private thread, I do think you should be using
> update_vsyscall() .. update_vsyscall() is just called when the time is
> set, usually that happens in the timer interrupt and sometimes that
> happens in settimeofday() ..

Well I've taken another look at the code and I think I can probably
restructure my code to use update_vsyscall(). I thought I needed a
hook that was called /only/ from settimeofday() (which as you say
doesn't match update_vsyscall()'s usage).

I'll try again and see what problems I hit.

> At least some of your code is duplications over what is already being
> worked on inside the powerpc community.. For instance, I know there is
> already a timebase clocksource,

Thanks. The one in -rt doesn't seem to support the VDSO. however I see
that there is duplication of effort there.

> Hmm .. This doesn't look like it's taking into account that the time has
> changed .. Your time has effectively incremented by one jiffie .. The
> vdso_data doesn't appear to be updated ..

Unless I miss your meaning, the vdso is updated in
timer_recalc_offset()/update_gtod() when needed.

Yours Tony ||
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