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SubjectRe: 2.6.20->2.6.21 - networking dies after random time
On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 10:56:44AM +0200, Marcin Ślusarz wrote:
> When I disable on-board network card in BIOS (controlled by skge)
> ne2k-pci card is still locking up. So I think it's strictly ne2k-pci
> card bug. I made some tests and I know how to reproduce it fast (on my
> machine) - just make some heavy network traffic...

I'm no good at hardware, but I guess this log could be not enough.
So, if nobody will find something more sensible, maybe you can try
some of these suggestions:

- you've written it was OK with 2.6.20; it would be interesting
to check if there were any changes in config (beside new options)
or even retry 2.6.20 with "current" config after make oldconfig;
- during such problems it's better to try to turn off as much
unnecessary options/drivers as possible to find if it's really
about network driver; e.g.: no SMP, tv cards, acpi - only
basic, without options etc.;
- if possible try it with newer kernel e.g. 2.6.22-rc5;
- if possible try it with another, fresh distro (e.g. some live
CD/DVD/USB bootable);
- there was a lockdep warning from tvtime/bttv;
- try to get some more debugging (help: modinfo ne2k-pci).

Jarek P.

PS: for anybody interested - here is the beginning of this story:
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