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SubjectRe: Please release a stable kernel Linux 3.0
On Fri, 22 Jun 2007, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

> On Jun 22 2007 00:29, Jesper Juhl wrote:
>> On 21/06/07, Zoltán HUBERT <> wrote:
>> [snip]
>>> All people who might read this know that traditionally
>>> stable releases are even numbered and development branches
>>> are odd numbered. This changed during late develoment of
>>> 2.6, according to my analysis because of the "invention" of
>>> GIT which was itself necessary because of BitKeeper (insert
>>> ooooooooold flame-wars here) and which allowed very dynamic
>>> develoment.
>> [...]
>> I myself have argued that we should be focusing more on stability and
>> regression fixing, but I'm not so sure that a 2.6.7 devel branch would
>> solve this. In general the 2.6.x.y -stable kernels seem to be doing
>> the job pretty good.
> For my part, I think the 2.6.<odd> did not go as well as the 2.6.<even>,
> beginning with x=16.

you misunderstood the even/odd it was never 2.x.y with y odd/even being
stable / development, it was the x being even/odd to indicate stable /

all 2.6.x are stable, all 2.5.x were development.

David Lang
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