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SubjectRe: Please release a stable kernel Linux 3.0
On Friday 22 June 2007 00:29, Jesper Juhl wrote:

> > You might think it's easy for me to simply "use" Linux
> > and complain while you're doing the hard stuff. As it
> > happens, the current development/stable model makes our
> > life as "users" more and more difficult.
> In what way?

Well, I'm using SuSE Pro 9.3 (excellent choice by the way),
coming with kernel 2.6.10-SuSE, on a ATI laptop, and the
drivers privided wouldn't compile (suspend & freinds). The
SATA disks were only supported from 2.6.15 (which just came
out), so I had to edit the "source code" of a closed source
driver to make it all work well. If that's "easy" for you I
doubt it is for 99.999% of earth's population. "World
domination" is far away.

Also, the 7 National Instruments cards I'm using for a
deformable mirror in Adaptive Optics in an industrial PC
are "certified" for SuSE 9.3 only. Which, this week, got
discontinued. So what now ?

> Most users should be using distribution kernels anyway,

???? should ???? who do you think "users" are ????

> not vanilla kernels.

Who said I was using vanilla kernels ?

> > "development" branches. And it would certainly help
> > vendors of closed-source drivers.

> Their choice, their problem.

no, it's MY problem.

> I don't think you'll find very
> many people on this list who gives a damn about the
> troubles of closed source driver developers.

and what about their users ?





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