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SubjectRe: [AppArmor 39/45] AppArmor: Profile loading and manipulation, pathname matching
On 2007-06-21T20:33:11, Pavel Machek <> wrote:

> inconvenient, yes, insecure, no.

Well, only if you use the most restrictive permissions. And then you'll
suddenly hit failure cases which you didn't expect to, which can
possibly cause another exploit to become visible.

> I believe AA breaks POSIX, already. rename() is not expected to change
> permissions on target, nor is link link. And yes, both of these make
> AA insecure.

AA is supposed to allow valid access patterns, so for non-buggy apps +
policies, the rename will be fine and does not change the (observed)

The time window in the rename+relabel approach however introduces a slot
where permissions are not consistent. This is a different case.

> > You _must_ be kidding. The cure is worse than the problem.
> Possibly.


> > If that is the only way to implement AA on top of SELinux - and so far,
> > noone has made a better suggestion - I'm convinced that AA has technical
> > merit: it does something the on-disk label based approach cannot handle,
> > and for which there is demand.
> What demand? SELinux is superior to AA, and there was very little
> demand for AA. Compare demand for reiser4 or suspend2 with demand for
> AA.

SELinux is superior to AA for a certain scenario of use cases; as we can
see here, it is not superior to AA for _all_ use cases.

> > The code has improved, and continues to improve, to meet all the coding
> > style feedback except the bits which are essential to AA's function
> Which are exactly the bits Christoph Hellwig and Al Viro
> vetoed.
> . I believe it takes more than "2 users want it" to overcome veto of
> VFS maintainer.

A veto is not a technical argument. All technical arguments (except for
"path name is ugly, yuk yuk!") have been addressed, have they not?


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