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Subject[RFC][PATCH 0/4] Containers: Pagecache accounting and control subsystem (v4)
Containers: Pagecache accounting and control subsystem (v4)

This patch extends the RSS controller to account and reclaim pagecache
and swapcache pages. This is a prototype to demonstrate that the existing
container infrastructure is useful to build different VM controller.

This patch is based on RSS Controller V3.1 by Pavel and Balbir. This patch
depends on

1. Paul Menage's Containers(V10): Generic Process Containers
2. Pavel Emelianov's RSS controller based on process containers (v3.1)
3. Balbir's fixes for RSS controller as mentioned in

This is very much work-in-progress and it have been posted for comments
after some basic testing.

Comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome.


* No new subsystem is added. The RSS controller subsystem is extended
since most of the code can be shared between pagecache control and
RSS control.
* The accounting number include pages in swap cache and filesystem
buffer pages apart from pagecache, basically everything under
NR_FILE_PAGES is counted as pagecache.
* Limits on pagecache can be set by echo -n 100000 > pagecache_limit on
the /container file system. The unit is in pages or 4 kilobytes
* If the pagecache utilisation limit is exceeded, the container reclaim
code is invoked to recover pages from the container.

* Minimal code changes to RSS controller to include pagecache pages

* All limitation of RSS controller applies to this code as well
* Page reclaim needs to be reworked to select correct pages when the
respective limits are exceeded
* Concurrent and recursive triggering of reclaimer code is a mess leading
to deadlocks. Reclaimer needs to be serialised and reworked to
do the right job and also improve performance

* Add all dependent patches before including this patch
* No new config settings apart from enabling CONFIG_RSS_CONTAINER
* Boot new kernel
* Mount container filesystem
mount -t container none /container
cd /container
* Create new container
mkdir mybox
cd /container/mybox
* Add current shell to container
echo $$ > tasks
* There are two files pagecache_usage and pagecache_limit
* In order to set limit, echo value in pages (4KB) to pagecache_limit
echo -n 100000 > pagecache_limit
#This would set 409MB limit on pagecache usage
* Trash the system from current shell using scp/cp/dd/tar etc
* Watch pagecache_usage and /proc/meminfo to verify behavior

* Simple dd/cat/cp test on pagecache limit
* rss_limit was tested with simple test application that would malloc
predefined size of memory and touch them to allocate pages.

* Optimise the reclaim. Currently isolate_container_pages does not distinguish
between whether pagecache limit is hit or rss limit is hit
* Prevent concurrent reclaim and recursive reclaim when both limits are set.

Patch Series:


* Patch remerged to Container v10 and RSS v3.1
* Bug fixes
* Tested with kernbench

* Patch merged with Containers v8 and RSS v2

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