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    SubjectRe: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3
    Alan Cox wrote:
    >> Well, it is not Tivo alone -- look at for an
    >> example. If you want the kernel sources pay USD 50k and we will provide
    >> the kernel sources, was their attitude.
    > GPLv2 deals with that case, and they can (and should) be sued for it
    > [except that US copyright law is designed for large music companies not
    > people]

    Their argument was that the mentioned sources contain propreitary closed
    stuff from IBM/AMCC for the PPC 405/440 and or for the NXP (MIPS based)
    chips. Even if the GPLv2 deals with it, well haven't reached anywhere
    with it, inspite of talks with them. So most of the users just probably
    stopped talking sense with them, just like me.

    Have some of those Amino STB's, the software on it being buggy,
    including myself many others wanted to fix those bugs, but then people
    had to pay for their annual support to get the fixes. People who were
    able to fix also were denied the same since there is no source
    available. But if you wanted the sources, then you pay for the sources.
    If you don't pay for their sources, then pay for their
    Bronze/Silver/Gold Support schemes, where people pay through their nose.

    For a specific case with which i wanted to attach a USB based device to
    the box, they stated: we can port in a driver that which exists in the
    vanilla kernel, to their device but just that they need to be paid for
    that to be done, eventhough if someone else was willing to do that job,
    but that wasn't possible because of no sources.

    In either way, if you buy their devices, it is just that, you keep
    paying us, if you want your device your work as expected.
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