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SubjectRe: Intel's response Linux/MTRR/8GB Memory Support / Why doesn't the kernel realize the BIOS has problems and re-map appropriately?

On Sat, 2 Jun 2007, Andi Kleen wrote:

>> I feel, having a silent/transparent workaround is not a good idea. With that
> If enough RAM is chopped off users will notice. They tend to complain
> when they miss RAM. I don't like panic very much because for many
> users it will be a show stopper (even when they are not blessed
> with "quiet" boots like some distributions do)
> The message in dmesg could be also emphasized a bit with a little
> ASCII art (but no <blink> tag in there)
> The problem I'm more worried about is if the system will be really
> stable --- could it be that the memory controller is still
> misconfigured and cause other stability issues? (we've had such
> cases in the past). Also I'm not sure we can handle the case of
> the MTRR wrong not at the end of memory but at the hole sanely.
> -Andi

So far I have been booting with mem=8832M and have run stress/loaded the
memory subsystem pretty good; what other tests should I run?

It'd be nice if we could pose some sort of solution/warning for the future
so other people do not have to experience the same problems.

What are the next steps?


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