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SubjectRe: Versioning file system
Jack Stone wrote:
> H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>> Chris Snook wrote:
>>> I pointed out NetApp's .snapshot directories because that's a method
>>> that uses legal path character, but doesn't break anything. With this
>>> method, userspace tools will have to be taught that : is suddenly a
>>> special character.
>> Not to mention that the character historically used for this purpose is
>> ; (semicolon.)
> But that would cause havoc with shells which use ; to seperate commands.
> Using ; would defiantly break userspace
> Jack

I can escape the semicolon just fine in bash. In fact, tab-completion will do
this automatically. That's really a non-issue. It just means that anyone who
wants to use this feature would have to know what they're doing, which I believe
is your goal, right?

-- Chris
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