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    SubjectRe: mea culpa on the meaning of Tivoization
    Am Montag 18 Juni 2007 02:56 schrieb Alexandre Oliva:

    > Anyhow, AFAIK software in ROM is not non-Free Software. That it's
    > impossible to modify/replace/whathaveyou it is not the result of a
    > restriction that someone is imposing on you.
    > It's the difference between "you can't fly because you don't have
    > wings" and "you won't fly because I've tied your wings". With tied
    > wings, you're evidently not free to fly any more. But if the problem
    > is that you don't have wings, if you're free and sufficiently
    > creative, you may be able to invent baloons, airplanes, rockets et al
    > and overcome the barriers that nature poses for you.

    So, if a manufacturer used a ROM instead of a flash memory with the
    intention to make software modifications impossible, then it is bad,
    and when he did it for economical reasons, then it is a "natural barrier"?

    Your tied-up-wings comparison is simply not valid. Or, more precisely,
    you will usually not be able to tell whether you don't have wings or
    if they're tied. Hardware design decisions of a manufacturer should
    never be the subject of a software license.

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