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SubjectRe: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3
Krzysztof Halasa <> writes:
> > So, by making the COPYING contain the v2 text, is the author
> > specifying a particular version? If yes, then the sec. 9 provision
> > would be meaningless, since there would be no way to not specify a
> > version number.
> Of course the "published under terms of GPL." would do.

It would do, if you could stop there and say no more. But:

You may copy and distribute verbatim copies of the Program's source
code as you receive it, in any medium, provided that you...give any
other recipients of the Program a copy of this License along with the
Program. [GPLv2, section 1]

So you have to give recipients the license text from a particular
version of the GPL. To make that the only version unde which the work
is licensed, you have to add something like "Licensed under the
GPLv2". Otherwise sec. 9 says that you offer the work under any
version of the GPL, and the licensee can take his or her pick -- even
using v1 (!).

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