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SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCH] Documentation of kernel messages

> > Your proposal is similar to one I made to some Japanese developers
> > earlier this year. I was more modest, proposing that we
> >
> > - add an enhanced printk
> >
> > xxprintk(msgid, KERN_ERR "some text %d\n", some_number);
> Maybe a stupid idea but why do we want to assign these numbers by hand?
> I can imagine it could introduce collisions when merging tons of patches
> with new messages... Wouldn't it be better to compute say, 8-byte hash
> from the message and use it as it's identifier? We could do this

Why hashes? Just key it off full message, and treat it like normal
translation problem.

'lp%d: on fire' -> 'your printer failed basic tests, you should check

(cesky, pictures)
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