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Subject[patch 0/6] PS3 Storage Drivers for 2.6.23, take 2

This is the second submission of the new PS3 storage drivers:
[1] ps3: Preallocate bootmem memory for the PS3 FLASH ROM storage driver
[2] ps3: Storage Driver Core
[3] ps3: Storage device registration routines.
[4] ps3: Disk Storage Driver
[5] ps3: ROM Storage Driver
[6] ps3: FLASH ROM Storage Driver

They are based on the current Linux kernel source tree, plus the PS3 patches
already submitted by Geoff Levand on linuxppc-dev.

All issues raised during the previous review round should be fixed.

If there are no more comments, please apply for 2.6.23. Since they depend on
other PS3 work, I think it's most logical to let Paul integrate them.

Thanks in advance!

With kind regards,

Geert Uytterhoeven
Software Architect

Sony Network and Software Technology Center Europe
The Corporate Village · Da Vincilaan 7-D1 · B-1935 Zaventem · Belgium

Phone: +32 (0)2 700 8453
Fax: +32 (0)2 700 8622

Sony Network and Software Technology Center Europe
A division of Sony Service Centre (Europe) N.V.
Registered office: Technologielaan 7 · B-1840 Londerzeel · Belgium
VAT BE 0413.825.160 · RPR Brussels
Fortis Bank Zaventem · Swift GEBABEBB08A · IBAN BE39001382358619

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