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    SubjectRE: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3

    > Can you explain to me how it is that the Tivoization provisions (the
    > only objection you have to GPLv3) conflict with this?

    Is it really that hard to understand? GPLv2 applied only to works people
    chose to place under that license or to works that contain so much code that
    someone chose to place under that license that they are legally considered a
    derivative work. GPLv3, on the other hand, attempts to extend control over
    works that don't contain any code that anyone ever chose to place under the

    This is a night and day difference.

    The GPLv2 stands within the legal scope of copyright. If I create a work, I
    have some rights to control that work. If you create a work *based* *on*
    *my* *work* I can retain some rights over how this new work is used because
    it actually *contains* parts of my work in it.

    The GPLv2 makes no attempt to exercise any control over anything else. The
    GPLv3, however, attempts to leverage copyright control to restrict what can
    be done with things completely outside the covered works.


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