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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/5] Add the explanation and sample of RapidIO DTS sector to the document of booting-without-of.txt file.
    > +   k) RapidIO
    > +
    > + Required properties:
    > +
    > + - device_type : Should be "rapidio"

    There is no OF binding, so no.

    > + - compatible : Should be "fsl,rapidio-v0.0" or "fsl,rapidio-v1.0"
    > + and so on. The version number is got from IP Block Revision
    > + Register of RapidIO controller.

    It's better to use real device names, just like everyone

    > + - #address-cells : Address representation for "rapidio" devices.
    > + This field represents the number of cells needed to represent
    > + the RapidIO address of the registers. For supporting more than
    > + 36-bits RapidIO address, this field should be <2>.

    More than 32 bit?

    > + - interrupt-parent : the phandle for the interrupt controller that
    > + services interrupts for this device.

    Not required, depends on the interrupt tree of the system.

    > + - interrupts : <a b> where a is the interrupt number and b is a
    > + field that represents an encoding of the sense and level
    > + information for the interrupt.

    No. The format of an "interrupts" entry is defined by
    the interrupt domain this device sits in, not by the
    device itself.

    > For this sector, interrupts order should be
    > + <err_irq bell_outb_irq bell_inb_irq msg1_tx_irq msg1_rx_irq
    > + msg2_tx_irq msg2_rx_irq ... msgN_tx_irq msgN_rx_irq>.

    That's to be defined in the binding for your specific device,
    not in a more generic rapidio binding.

    > + #address-cells = <2>;

    You want a #size-cells as well.

    Hope this helps,


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