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    SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCH] Documentation of kernel messages
    Greg KH wrote:
    > On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 08:18:00PM +0200, holzheu wrote:
    >> Hi Greg,
    >>> Ick, why are you ignoring what we have already with dev_printk() and
    >>> friends? We are just finally getting developers to use that, I think it
    >>> will be almost impossible to get people to change to something else,
    >>> especially one that isn't even as "correct" as what dev_printk() offers
    >>> you today, will be quite hard.
    >>> So, why not use what we already have and work off of it?
    >> dev_printk() and friends are great, since they already define something
    >> like KMSG_COMPONENT: The driver name.
    > They provide way more than that, they also provide the explicit device
    > that is being discussed, as well as other things depending on the
    > device.
    > So if you are going to do this, please use the already-in-place macros
    > to hook into, don't try to get the driver authors to pick up something
    > new and different, as it's going to be _very_ difficult, trust me...

    absolutely... I'm currently trying to convince everyone to get a generic
    netdevice-centric printk macro (dev_printk does not print the interface name,
    which the netdevice can't store locally since it can change) in and even that is
    a pain :)

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