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SubjectRe: call for more SD versus CFS comparisons (was: Re: [ck] Mainline plans)

* Tobias Gerschner <> wrote:

> it's a peacock freeliner xp II. Close to 5 year old Laptop with an
> Athlon XP 2600+ using 1 GB of RAM / no swap enabled.
> The other information will be sent as soon as I am back at work .

thanks! Here's another thing that would be worth testing:

could you pin the CPU's frequency to the highest setting (via whatever
method of your choice, by selecting the 'performance' cpufreq governor
for example). Plus could you do a test with the following additional
kernel boot parameter: idle=poll. [both changes would exclude TSC
related artifacts.] (This would be for testing only, to narrow down the

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