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    SubjectRe: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3
    Ingo Molnar wrote:
    > * Tarkan Erimer <> wrote:
    >> [...] Just, I asked simple question and included a simple example in
    >> it. [...]
    > actually, what you said was this:
    > " I hope we should upgrade to GPLv3 and Sun should "Dual License"
    > the OpenSolaris via GPLv3 (or at least,GPLv3 should be CDDL
    > compatible.). "
    Why don't you include the last sentence I wrote: "So,we should have more
    fruits (like ZFS,DTrace etc.) ;-) "
    So, that's why I said it. Because, as all the time, we did it: Importing
    and exporting codes to/from different open source projects.

    > and to that the answer was:
    > " The OpenSolaris community has already stated that they do not want to
    > accept GPLv3 [...] "
    > in other words: your hypothetical is false today. You called us to do a
    > specific action, but why did you then include a factually false
    > 'example' to underline that point of yours? Or if you simply did not
    > know about the OpenSolaris community's position beforehand, why dont you
    > just admit that and withdraw from that line of argument gracefully?
    > Ingo

    As I mentioned in my previous posts: This is **not** in the hands of the
    "OpenSolaris Community" to make and apply such decision. Sun itself
    **will decide** it. Also, there are strong indications that Sun is very
    interested to make "OpenSolaris" at least "Dual-Licensed" with GPLv3.


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