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    SubjectRe: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3
    Jesper Juhl wrote:
    >> One thing that would make that easier in the future is if contributers
    >> at least started to dual-license their submissions. I.e. if instead
    >> of "GPL version 2", one could say "GPL version 2 or GPL version 3".
    >> It isn't the same thing as the problematic "GPL version 2 or later",
    >> because the developer is not agreeing to an unseen license (GPLv4,
    >> etc). What it does do is make it easier to move to GPLv3 a few years
    >> from now, if that is decided then, as a significant fraction of the
    >> code will already be GPLv3 compatible. That way, if a reason is ever
    >> found to move to v3, at least some of the work will already be done.
    > Good luck convincing all contributors to do that.

    Well, it's something that pro-GPLv3 people can do right now, instead of
    just lobbying/complaining. Given 1000 developers, if 400 start dual
    licensing now, and down the road some compelling reason for GPLv3 does
    arise (read: a lawsuit with teeth), that's 600 people you need to
    contact/convince to change, not 1000. This is made more interesting by
    that fact that 40% of the kernel code is already "GPLv2 or later", as
    someone else pointed out.

    > Personally I'm happy with GPL v2, and I for one won't be
    > dual-licensing anything I contribute until I see a clear benefit of
    > doing so (and I don't yet).

    Well, all my personal (non-kernel) stuff is still GPLv2 only right now
    (Linus' opinion is what convinced me that "or later" is dumb), and like
    many I disliked the original GPLv3 draft. I'm willing to wait until the
    final one is out though, and I think my libraries will end up being
    dual-licensed, with contributions required to be dual-licensed. I want
    to avoid v3 lock-in, but I don't want to cripple v3 projects either.

    > In any case, this whole debate is still a bit premature since GPL v3
    > has not even arrived in its final form yet.


    - Jim Bruce
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