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SubjectRe: [PATCH 7/7] cxgb3 - Add SW LRO support
Brice Goglin wrote:
> Steve Wise wrote:
>> You're right. But cxgb3 has it now in the driver (tested and working).
>> Shouldn't it be pulled in? When the network stack design gets done
>> (which could take a few releases to finalize), all the drivers can be
>> updated to use it. It doesn't seem reasonable to allow some drivers to
>> support LRO and others to not support it...
> I have to agree with Steve here. We have been requesting the inclusion
> of myri10ge LRO for 5 months now (before 2.6.19). I could understand
> that duplicating LRO code between s2io and myri10ge was not a good idea
> at this point. But, I now see that Netxen got merged way later (in
> 2.6.20) but it got its LRO merged immediately. I guess the LRO is
> already duplicated between s2io and netxen then. It does not look fair
> to me at all.

It was an error on my part, that should not be compounded. Three wrongs
don't make a right, etc., etc.

The normal way this stuff works in Linux is that people work together to
create common code that everybody uses. I would gladly accept patches
to rip out the code from NetXen.


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