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    SubjectRe: [AppArmor 01/41] Pass struct vfsmount to the inode_create LSM hook

    > >> Average users are not supposed to be writing security policy. To be
    > >> honest, even average-level system administrators should not be
    > >> writing security policy.
    > That explains so much! "SELinux: you're too dumb to use it, so just keep
    > your hands in your pockets." :-)
    > AppArmor was designed to allow your average sys admin to write a
    > security policy. It makes different design choices than SELinux to
    > achieve that goal. As a result, AppArmor is an utter failure when
    > compared to SELinux's goals, and SELinux in turn is an utter failure
    > when compared to AppArmor's goals.

    I'd not be that sure. SELinux can read AA config files, with some
    performance problems and bad problems with new files.

    I bet solving the 'new files' problem is not going to take 20% of AA's
    (cesky, pictures)
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