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    SubjectRe: 2.6.21-git10/11: files getting truncated on xfs? or maybe an nlink problem?
    David Chinner wrote:
    > Suspend-resume, eh?
    > There's an immediate suspect. Can you test this specifically for us?
    > i.e. download a known good file set, do some stuff, suspend, resume,
    > then check the files? If it doesn't show up the first time, can
    > you do it a few times just to rule it out?

    Well, I've been doing suspend-resume with xfs for a while without
    problems; the problems seem to be recent and easily repeatable. Which
    just means that it could be a new suspend-resume problem, of course.

    > If suspend/resume does cause the problem, can you try again but this
    > time please run 'xfs_freeze -f <mtpt>' on the filesystem before
    > suspend, and then 'xfs_freeze -u <mtpt>' after the resume and see if
    > the problem still occurs?

    OK, but I tend to find that xfs_freeze ends up locking up large parts of
    the system... (For example, I tried to do the xfs_freeze + lvm snapshot
    thing, but the lvm snapshot just blocked on the frozen filesystem until
    I unfroze it). But I'll try it out. Hm, is there some script I can
    stick it into?

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