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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Intel IXP4xx network drivers v.2 - Ethernet and HSS
On 9 May 2007, at 15:22, David Acker wrote:
> Big endian is the natural setup for the NPEs on this hardware
> according to the intel documentation. Please don't stop this
> driver from moving forward so that a few folks can run their
> hardware in slow mode.

No-one is saying that this driver should not be mainlined before it
has LE support. All that I said was:

> Personally I'd like LE ethernet tested and working before we push.

The alternative would be to explicitly state in Kconfig that LE arm
is broken with this driver, so that this could be fixed later.

Please can we not blow this out of proportion, it really isn't that
big a deal. The irony is that fixing Krzysztof's driver to work on LE
will probably be quite easy, given that we already have a working LE
driver from Christian.


PS: It really isn't just 'a few folks' - at NSLU2-Linux we have 5000
people who have downloaded Debian/LE for NSLU2 and are currently
using Christian's driver with great success. We would just like to
replicate that support with this new driver.

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